Create a simple newsletter online and email it automatically to all your members. Think of the postage costs you will save by emailing alone.

Target groups within your club for their own Newsletter.

Sending a newsletter involves the following steps:

  • Add some members to your club, just adding a list email addresses is good enough to get started
  • Create a template, only requires to be done once, use a basic template provided, just add your own logo.
  • Create a newsletter by adding paragraphs to a story. Include some images.
  • Start a campaign by sending a test newsletter to yourself, so you can verify the layout, format and spelling mistakes
  • Start a campaign by sending to your full list (or sub-set of the list if you have allocated Tags). This will send the newsletter to your members by email, sending out a small number every minute (to prevent the system being flooded by emails). Depending on numbers it may take several hours to send to your full list of members.
  • Monitor the campaign by watching how many emails are sent out and how many are opened by your club members.
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