Hi, welcome to the My Club Members. This is a FREE website for clubs and associates. It will help you to help manage the contact details of the people in your club or organisation. Keep your member details up to date and allow your members to contact each other. Send regular newsletters to your members

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This site currently sends out emails to DAFC with an email as bounce@myclubmembers.net. These emails are valid.

Joe Cardle First Division Champions 2010-2011 a link.
Cowdenbeath Pars win 1-0 at home
Offside ? are you blind referee ??

Member Contacts

Your members can manage their own contact details or you can nominate one or more administrators to keep your database up to date. All contact details are confidential and will never be divulged to a third party.


Keep in touch with your members by sending them news as it happens and events as they are added to your website. Your section of MyClubMembers is accessible only to you and your members.


You have your own encrypted database with built in aids to help you keep on the right side of Data Protection laws.

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